Catalyst for Human Health Research

A new state-of-the-art facility will soon be a hub for Technion's top minds in medical, scientific and engineering research

Thanks to the support of the Adelis Foundation, the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology will establish the André Deloro Building for Transformative Biomedical Sciences and Engineering. The new center, the only one of its kind in Israel, will be devoted to interdisciplinary medical, scientific, and engineering research. Its mission will be to advance research in human health by facilitating collaboration among researchers from different faculties and disciplines.

The Deloro Building will provide a meeting place for top Technion researchers. It will form a bridge between fields studied separately up until now, to foster discoveries and to stimulate creative, innovative applied research that will revolutionize medical treatments and devices. It will encourage collaboration between the worlds of medicine, science, and engineering.

Rendering: André Deloro Building for Transformative Biomedical Sciences and Engineering

“Human health is one of the main challenges facing humanity in the 21st century,” said Technion President Professor Uri Sivan. “Like other huge challenges, a significant revolution in human health requires multidisciplinary efforts. To take full advantage of the Technion’s capabilities, this initiative will encompass a full spectrum of science and technology. It will support human health research and the conversion of research discoveries into applications and products that will serve the medical system and medical teams on the front lines. The idea is to build a bridge between medicine and life sciences, exact sciences, engineering, data science, and design.”

From Left to Right: Rebecca Boukhris, Technion President Professor Uri Sivan, Sydney Boukhris

“With the unprecedented progress of new technologies, we are entering a new phase in the development of applied and creative research in the field of human health”, said Mrs. Rebecca Boukhris, ADELIS Foundation Trustee. “In the next few years, we will see the emergence of the “multidisciplinary researcher” notion thanks to the growing influx of new data that will allow the researcher to further develop his research work. This requires large research institutions, such as the Technion, to provide their best researchers with new structures, but also with new solutions designed to promote collaboration between researchers of different specialties in common research projects. Indeed, the Adelis  Foundation is convinced that by bringing together talented researchers from different specialties, in laboratories equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment, they will be able to come up with new innovative ideas that will lead to important discoveries in the field of human health.

This is why the Adelis Foundation has decided to participate in setting off this transformation by funding the creation of the André Deloro Institute for Transformative Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, which it considers “a catalyst.”

Rendering: André Deloro Building for Transformative Biomedical Sciences and Engineering

Fifty years ago, Technion management made a groundbreaking decision: establishing a medical school in a scientific – technological university. They did so because they understood that combining medicine with engineering will accelerate research and development, and lead to medical innovations, including drugs, medical devices, diagnostics, and imaging technologies.

Indeed, inspired by the Technion’s entrepreneurial environment, many researchers on campus are focusing on developing medical applications, using the extensive knowledge amassed at the Technion in exact sciences, engineering, data science, and life science. Moreover, researchers from all faculties collaborate to translate this knowledge into innovative technologies. The Technion’s close connections with high-tech industries in general and the bio-medical engineering sector, in particular, enable researchers to translate these technologies to products and treatments that contribute to human health in Israel and around the world.