Eyelid Motion to Diagnose Disease

Eyelid Motion to Diagnose Disease

Technion researchers have developed a device that can diagnose diseases by means of an eyelid motion monitor (EMM).

Technion Graduates 1st at BizTec

Technion Graduates 1st at BizTec

Technion graduates with a new technology for analyzing preferences of internet users have won first place in this year's BizTEC Entrepreneurship Program

Technion celebrates the opening of the new Cornell Tech campus

Technion celebrates the opening of the new Cornell Tech campus

Cornell Tech today officially dedicated its new campus on Roosevelt Island. The campus will expand the mission and impact of the Joan & Irwin Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute—an academic partnership between Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and Cornell University—and directly foster technological innovation in key New York City industries.

Technion International Graduates

Technion International Graduates

“They say that if you’re the smartest person in the room it’s a sign that you’re not in the right room. Here, I was in the right room with the best and smartest people.”
15 students from 6 countries have completed their studies at Technion International

  • Nobel2017

    From Harvey to Nobel Prize, Technion Congratulates

    Technion congratulates the 2017 Nobel Laureates in physics: Prof. Emeritus Rainer Weiss, Professor Emeritus Kip Stephen Thorne, and Prof. Barry Barish, who headed the discovery of gravitational waves in 2015 as part of the LIGO experiment. The prize wi...

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  • Untitled-1-Recovered

    Cornell Tech Dedication – President’s speech

    Professor Peretz Lavie, President of Technion-Israel Institute of Technology “A once-in-a- generation opportunity, to build a new university in N.Y.C.”, those were the words of Mayor Bloomberg in his invitation to top tier universities. I u...

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  • ראש עיריית שיקגו רם עמנואל (מימין) עם המשנה לנשיא הטכניון למחקר פרופ' וויין קפלן

    Technion & Chicago’s Current Sign Agreement

    MAYOR EMANUEL SIGNS AGREEMENT TO ESTABLISH INNOVATIVE PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN CHICAGO’S CURRENT AND ISRAEL’S TECHNION New Collaboration Will Develop Solutions to Global Water Challenges and Drive Economic Development in Both Chicago and Israel Mayor Rahm ...

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  • hiroshi

    Decentralized Cryptographic Currencies and Blockchains

    Invitation to the Media Technion’s Cyber ​​Security Research Center will hold a conference next week on: “Decentralized Cryptographic Currencies and Blockchains” Sunday-Thursday, September 10-14, 2017, Churchill Auditorium The Hiroshi Fujiwara Cy...

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  • תמונה קבוצתית. מימין לשמאל : ד"ר שיוהו צ'וי (יונאי), פרופ' בועז גולני (הטכניון), מתניהו אנגלמן (טכניון), ד"ר טיי-ואן לים (יונדאי), נשיא הטכניון פרופ' פרץ לביא, פרופ' ג'ונגהו קים(KAIST) פרופ' דאי-שיק קים(KAIST) ופרופ'-מחקר דניאל ויס (טכניון)

    Hyundai Motor, Technion and KAIST

    Hyundai Motor Commits to Jointly Research Future Mobility with Technion and KAIST ‘HTK Consortium for Future Mobility Research’ to accelerate developments in autonomous driving, cyber security, and artificial intelligence Hyundai Motor targets Israel’...

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  • עתיד הרפואה: ממולקולות למכונות

    From Molecules to Machines

    Invitation to the Media The Future of Health: from Molecules to Machines The Michigan-Israel Partnership for Research and Education Symposium will take place at the Technion from September 5-8, 2017, with the participation of researchers from Technion,...

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  • מלגת קלור לדוקטורנטית טל גלבוע מהטכניון

    Clore Fellowship to Tal Gilboa

    Doctoral student Tal Gilboa from the Technion receives Clore Fellowship Tal Gilboa, a doctoral student at the Technion Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, will receive the Clore Fellowship for outstanding scientists in November In early November, Tal Gi...

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  • בתמונה, מימין לשמאל: ליעם חנני, מאמן הנבחרת לב רדזיוילובסקי, אמוץ אופנהיים, עשהאל רייטר, עמרי סולן וניצן טור

    Asael Reiter Wins International Mathematics Competition

    Asael Reiter of Technion Wins First Place in International Mathematics Competition Held in Bulgaria, the Israeli delegation won first place in the group ranking Asael Reiter, a graduate of the Rothschild Scholars Technion Excellence Program, won first ...

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  • גפיים תחתונות הן בסופו של דבר רגליים

    Speaking Science Without Jargon

    Science is fascinating to many, but sentences that are full of expert-level terms and description can scare away even the most passionate readers. Can scientists learn to talk about their research without using too many technical terms? One of the obst...

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  • ארוחת בוקר

    IOT Projects – Technion of Things

    Pancake Printer, Smart Luggage, Robotic Breakfast These are just some of the projects presented by students from Technion’s Computer Science Department at a fair for innovative and creative developments based on Android and IoT programming The a...

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  • A_serviceman_accesses_social_media_channels_using_an_iPad,_outside_MOD_Main_Building_in_London_MOD_45156049

    When “Great” is Not Good At All.

    WHAT EXACTLY DO YOU MEAN WHEN YOU SAY “BEST”? Technion student develops system that interprets sarcasm on Twitter, and translates it into sarcasm-free language. Researchers in the Technion Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management have developed...

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  • פרופ' אפלויג ופרופ' גראבס ליד "קיר גדולי הכימיה"

    Nobel Laureate Prof. Robert Grubbs at Technion

    Prof. Robert Grubbs lectured at the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry as part of the Apeloig Lectures series and added his signature to the Chemistry Wall of Fame at the Faculty The Technion Faculty of Chemistry hosted Prof. Robert Grubbs of California Ins...

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  • מימין לשמאל: פרופ' זאב גרוס, אופיר שמול, רינה סבוסטיאנוב, בן פילארסקי, רון סולן וד"ר איזנה ניגל-אטינגר. קרדיט: דוברות הטכניון

    A Worthwhile Investment

    The Israeli delegation to the 49th International Chemistry Olympiad for high school pupils (IChO-49) brought home one silver and two bronze medals. The delegation was selected and trained at the Technion’s Schulich Faculty of Chemistry. The Israe...

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  • התמונה בשער כתב העת: פירוק מים על פני שטח גבישי של תחמוצת NiOOH מסוממת בברזל

    The Secret to Success

    The research group led by Asst. Prof. Maytal Caspary Toroker from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering deciphered the reason for the success of doping iron for the best catalyst known today for splitting water. The article published in a...

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  • Prof. Gil Alexandrovich

    What to do when you meet?

    Researchers at the Technion, together with theorists from Canada and the Netherlands, have developed an innovative method for predicting the behavior of a molecule in a molecule-surface collision. The method enables the study of basic reaction mechanis...

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  • פרופ'-מחקר אמריטוס יעקב זיו

    Emet Prize to Prof. Jacob Ziv

    Technion’s Prof. Jacob Ziv – Recipient of the 2017 EMET Prize Distinguished Professor Emeritus Jacob Ziv of Technion’s Viterbi Faculty of Electrical Engineering is the recipient of the 2017 EMET Prize in the category of Computer and Electronics E...

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  • סטודנטים מהטכניון פיתחו מערכת אוטונומית לסיור אווירי וזכו במקום השלישי בתחרות בין-לאומית

    Prize Winning Autonomous System

    June 19, 2017 Technion Students Developed an Autonomous Aerial Reconnaissance System and Won 3rd Place in an International Competition A team of students from the Technion has won 3rd place out of 54 in an international competition for the development...

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  • חוטית נודדת

    Sting of the Jellyfish

    Underwater poisoned arrows: Researchers at Technion and the University of Haifa are deciphering the stinging mechanism of the jellyfish The quantity of jellyfish worldwide and in the Mediterranean Sea is growing steadily, and as a result, we encounter ...

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  • מוסד הטכניון למחקר ופיתוח בע"מ וקרן UGC הכריזו על קרן הון סיכון חדשה בהיקף 200 מיליון דולר שתתמוך בהקמת חברות סטארט-אפ על בסיס ידע שנוצר בטכניון

    TRDF & UGC $200m VC Fund

    Technion Research & Development Foundation Ltd. (TRDF) and UGC Announce $200M Venture Capital Fund to Support the Establishment of Start-Ups Based on Technion-Created Knowledge The Technion Research & Development Foundation Ltd. (TRDF) and UG C...

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  • Asya Rolls

    Adelis Award to Prof. Asya Rolls

    2017 Adelis Brain Research Award Won by Prof. Asya Rolls On June 12, 2017, the Adelis Award for groundbreaking research by a young scientist was presented to Asst. Prof. Asya Rolls of Technion for her work in the field of brain-regulated immunity. adm...

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  • laude

    Lauder Dormitory Building Inaugurated

    At a festive ceremony attended by Minister of Education Naftali Bennett, the Lauder Dormitory Building was inaugurated today at the Technion The state-of-the art building was donated to the Technion by World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder and ...

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  • נשיא הטכניון בפתיחת מושב הקורטוריון (חבר הנאמנים) לשנת 2017

    Technion Board of Governors

    Technion President at the opening plenary of the 2017 Board of Governors events: “Technion is becoming increasingly global and intensifying its presence around the world; the task that we now face is to increase the number of ultra-Orthodox students at...

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  • Untitled-1

    Learning in the Cloud

    Assistant Professor Miri Barak of the Technion presents AugmentedWorld: an innovative location-based platform based on the wisdom of the crowd Assistant Professor Barak, head of the Learning Technologies group at the Technion, is a leading expert in th...

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  • נשיא הטכניון פרופ' פרץ לביא

    President Prof. Peretz Lavie Elected to 3rd Term

    History at Technion: President Prof. Peretz Lavie Elected To Third Term Confirmed by the Executive Committee of the academic institution Technion’s Academic Committee, comprised of all full professors, approved the continuation of President Prof. Pere...

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  • הטכנולוגיה והחלל היפני יוסקה טסורוהו (במרכז)

    Technology for Humanity: Japan & Technion Israel

    Japan’s Minister of Science, Technology and space Yosuke Tsuruho was at Technion on 11/5/17 as part of his first ever visit to Israel. “Israel and Japan share a common vision of developing advanced technology for the benefit of humanity,” said Ministe...

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  • התא המאלתר

    The Improvising Cell

    Researchers at the Technion and Weizmann Institute present a new model describing biological adaptation to unforeseen challenges A study published in the journal Nature Communications presents a new model of how cells and organisms adapt to the environ...

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  • פרופ'-משנה אסיה רולס

    Asya Rolls Lands HHMI Award

    Asst. Prof. Asya Rolls of the Ruth and Baruch Rappaport Faculty of Medicine at Technion has been named a Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)-Wellcome International Research Scholar, a prestigious award for promising researchers outside the United St...

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  • Untitled-1

    Hydrogen On Demand

    Technion researchers have developed a new method for the production of hydrogen from water using solar energy. The new method will make it possible to produce the hydrogen in a centralized manner far from the solar farm, cost-effectively, safely and ef...

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  • פרופ' רועי קישוני

    Roy Kishony Selected For Prestigious Grant

    Three teams of researchers will be the recipients of the Kavli Microbiome Ideas Challenge that supports novel, cross-cutting tools and methods in the field of microbiome research. The selected proposals include research on genetic switches to study mic...

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  • Untitled-4

    Technion Congratulates Emmanuel Macron, French President-Elect

    Technion Congratulates Emmanuel Macron, French President-Elect On September 6, 2015, when serving as the French Minister of Economy, Industry, and Digital Affairs, Macron visited Technion. He headed a delegation, which included the French Ambassador to...

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  • פרופ' מתיו סאס

    Strage-BGU Award Prof. Matthew Suss

    The Strage Foundation and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev are pleased to announce this year’s winner of the Strage-BGU Award for Excellence in  Environmental Sciences: Prof. Matthew Suss of the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology The Awar...

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  • rg

    Student-built Rube Goldberg Machines Capture Earth Day

    Some Earth Day events involve volunteer clean-ups, planting flower beds or unplugging your gadgets for a day. The Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, however, challenged high school students worldwide to build an Earth Day-themed Rube Goldberg Mac...

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  • הקבוצה הזוכה

    Technion 3DS Winners

    “Technology is an integral part of the medical world” The Ophek VR team won first place in the 3DS Conference at the Technion – after 48 hours of linking entrepreneurship, research, engineering and medicine By Keren-Or Grinberg The corridors of t...

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  • פרופ' קנג'י אוספונה בהרצאתו בכנס

    Conference on Regenerative Medicine at Technion

    An Israeli – Japanese conference on regenerative medicine and medical uses of stem cells was held at the Technion on Tuesday, March 14th.  The conference took place in the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine and was aimed at strengthening the relations betwe...

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  • News-Archive-231x125 copy


    Browse the online archives of press releases from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology for the past five years ...

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