Executive Vice President for Innovation and Industry Relations

Prof. Lihi Zelnik-Manor

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The Office of the Executive Vice President for Innovation and Industry Relations is dedicated to developing platforms for interaction between researchers and students at the Technion with business and industry, in Israel and worldwide. Our mission is to expand the impact and scope of the research activity carried out at the Technion by creating possibilities and promoting collaborations with industry:

  • Entrepreneurship and commercialization: support for the Technion community to launch companies, legal advice, intellectual property management, filing patents, license agreements, recruiting investors and entrepreneurs. These activities are led by T3 – Technion Technology Transfer.
  • Collaborations: with large international and national companies and enterprises, as well as small and medium-sized companies and enterprises. The activity includes strategic partnerships, research collaborations, technology transfer, industrial presence on the Technion campus, researchers in the service of industry, students in the service of industry.
  • Knowledge transfer: training courses, workshops, seminars, student projects.

Our goal is to expand the influence of the Technion on the Israeli manufacturing society such as high-tech, agriculture, medicine, food, pharma and transportation, while focusing on the collaboration with companies and entrepreneurs in the Haifa and northern areas. We aim to increase the scope of research collaborations with industry with Technion-Industry mutual fertilization in mind. We will work to leverage the core capabilities of advanced research in the fields of science and engineering at the Technion. We will work to enable entrepreneurial activities by streamlining processes, financial support in the stages of building ventures, and creating opportunities.