Technion Research Units

Research Institutes

Solid State Institute Prof. David Gershoni,
Norman & Helen Asher Space Research Institute Assoc. Prof. Gurfil Pinchas,
The Stephen & Nancy Grand Water Research Institute Prof. Abraham Shaviv,
Transportation Research Institute Assoc. Prof. Shlomo Bekhor,
National Building Research Institute

Assoc. Prof. Rachel Becker,

Technion Research Programs

The Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute Prof. Gad Eisenstein,
The Lorry I. Lokey Interdisciplinary Center for Life Sciences and Engineering Prof. Yoram Reiter,
The Technion Autonomous Systems Program Disting. Prof. Emeritus Daniel Weihs,
Grand Technion Energy Program Prof. Gideon Grader,

Research Projects – Centers of Excellence

Barbara and Norman Seiden Advanced Optoelectronics Center Prof. Baruch Fischer,
Complex Fluids, Microstructure, and Macromolecules Prof. Yeshayahu Talmon,
Ben and Esther Rosenblum Nanoelectronics by Bioelectronics Center Prof. Uri Sivan,
Catalysis Prof. Moris Eisen,
Sohnis and Forman Families Center for Stem Cell and Tissue Regeneration Research Prof. Joseph Itskovitz-Eldor,

Minerva Centers

The Ollendorff Research Center for Information Processing and Automation Prof. Emeritus Yehoshua Zeevi,

Minerva Centers with Other Universities

The Lise Meitner Center for Computational Quantum Chemistry Disting. Prof. Yitzhak Apeloig,
The Max Werthiemer Center for Cognitive Processing and Human Performance Prof. Ido Erev,
Nonlinear Physics of Complex Systems Prof. Nimrod Moiseyev,

Interfaculty Centers

Center for Security Science and Technology Prof. Avi Marmur,
Technion Computer Engineering Center (TCE) Prof. Emeritus Raphael Rom,
Gordon Center for Systems Engineering Prof. Aviv Rosen,
The Technion Center of Excellence in Exposure Science and Environmental Health Assoc. Prof. David Broday,

Research Centers

Center for Research in Environmental &Water Resources Engineering Assoc.Prof. Avi Ostfeld,
Research Center for Mapping and Geodesy Assoc.Prof. Gilad Even-Tzur,
The Philip M. and Ethel Klutznick Center for Urban & Regional Studies Visiting Professor Shamay Assif,
Center for Architectural Research & Development Prof. Yehuda Kalay,
The Architectural Heritage Research Center Asst. Prof. Alona Nitzan-Shiftan,
J.W. Ullmann Center for Manufacturing Systems and Robotics Assoc.Prof. Reuven Katz,
Center for Research in Energy and Environmental Conservation Eng. Prof. Michael Shapiro,
Material Mechanics Center Prof. Daniel Rittel,
Materials Engineering Research Center Prof. Eugen Rabkin,
The Wolfson Center for Characterization of Interfaces Disting. Prof. Dan Shechtman,
Electrical Engineering Research Center Prof. Ariel Orda,
The Izhak Kidron Microelectronics Research Center Prof. Nir Tessler,
Research Center for Very Large Scale Integrated Systems (VLSI) Assoc.Prof. Ran Ginosar,
Center for Chemical Research Prof. Efrat Lifshitz,
Chemical Engineering Research Center Assoc. Prof. Yoed Tsur,
Food Industries R&D Center Assoc.Prof. Yechezkel Kashi,
Research Center for Intelligent Systems Prof. Yoram Baram,
J. Silver Research Center for Bio-Medical Engineering Assoc. Prof. Amir Landesberg,
Center for Biological Research Prof. Oded Beja,
Research Center in Agricultural Engineering Prof. Emeritus Itzhak Shmulevich,
Aeronautical Research Center Prof. Yaakov Oshman,
Research Center for Work Safety and Human Engineering Assoc. Prof. Eldad Yechiam,
R&D Center for Education in Technology & Science and for Vocational Training Prof. Orit Hazzan,

Research Infrastructure Centers

Smoler Proteomics Center Prof. Arie Admon,
Bioinformatics Knowledge Unit (BKU) Assoc.Prof. Yael Mandel-Gutfruend,
Technion Center for Structural Biology  Dr. Hay Dvir,
Pre-Clinical Research Authority Dr. Rona Shofti,
The Israel Institute of Metals Eng. Haim Rosenson,