The Technion Wants You!

Following the surge of antisemitism and anti-Israel rhetoric around the world: the Technion invites undergraduate and graduate students and academic faculty residing abroad to come to our campuses in Haifa to carry out their research, teaching and learning

Israel’s just and unavoidable response to the massacre of October 7th spawned a wave of anti-Israel and antisemitic protests around the world. These vile reactions are based on denialism and false information about the horrible crimes committed by the Hamas terrorists against babies, children, adults and the elderly.

“Unfortunately,” says Technion President Prof. Uri Sivan, “faculty members from many universities in the West joined this wave, as did student organizations and professional associations. Given the feeble responses of quite a few presidents of leading universities in North America, Europe and Australia, many Jewish and Israeli students and researchers currently face physical and verbal threats that cause them to think twice about everything they do and prevent them from participating in academic activities in those institutions. As a result of this situation and given the Technion’s important role in the history of the Jewish People during the last 100 years, we have announced a program for the rapid integration of students and faculty members from around the world looking for an academic refuge during these difficult times.”

Last week, the Technion published a Call for Proposals inviting faculty and students from around the world to join the Technion and pursue their studies, teaching and research activities on the Technion’s campuses in Haifa.

  • Faculty members (all ranks) are invited to come to the Technion for a period of teaching and research.
  • Researchers with a PhD degree are invited to join Technion’s post-doctoral program under the guidance of Technion faculty or joint guidance with a mentor from their home institution.
  • Students are invited to join research projects in Technion’s labs under the guidance of Technion faculty for a period of two months to a year, by joining the Student Exchange or Study Abroad programs that offer a wide range of courses, mainly for graduate degrees. These courses are taught in English in numerous Technion faculties.
  • Suitable students are invited to apply for a full research degree (Master’s or PhD) under the guidance of Technion faculty or joint guidance with a mentor from their home institution.

The Technion has already received a number of inquiries from students and faculty interested in this opportunity.

“The Technion will continue to serve as a supportive and safe research university for everyone,” summarizes the President of the Technion, “and I invite undergraduate and graduate students and faculty from all over the world to join us during this difficult time, and to be part of our academic community at the forefront of global research and education.”