The Technion Supports Reserve Soldiers

Good news for students at the Technion who were drafted by an emergency call-up order: They will receive a grant of NIS 6,000

The Technion will provide assistance of NIS 6,000 to all students who were mobilized by an emergency call-up order for ‘Operation Swords of Iron.’ The grant is intended for tuition fees, dormitory rent at the Technion, and other related payments to the tuition.

“2500 students left everything behind and were mobilized by an emergency call-up order, to ensure our right to a life of security and tranquility in this country,” said Technion President Prof. Uri Sivan. “It’s important that each and every one of them knows that the entire Technion community is mobilized and harnessed for their sake. For their benefit, we established a special assistance fund together with friends of the Technion in Israel and around the world, and today we announced that each of them will receive a grant of NIS 6,000. This assistance, which adds to a series of support measures we have already taken, will provide them with a financial envelope and some peace of mind during these tumultuous days. Also, from an academic standpoint, we are preparing to make their return to campus studies as smooth as possible. We are very proud of you, our reserve soldiers, we trust you and look forward to your safe return home.”

The financial grant will be given to those who served in the reserves following an emergency call-up order for at least 30 cumulative days, starting from October 7 until the beginning of the semester. It is intended for undergraduate and graduate degree students and for students who have been accepted to the Technion in the academic year 2023-2024.

The financial grant is in addition to a series of grants and benefits that the Technion has already provided to reserve soldier students in the last month since the outbreak of the war:


  • Full exemption from rent payment for October and November for reserve soldier students residing in dormitories and their spouses.
  • Postponement of the opening of the academic year 2023-2024: The academic year will only open when the release process of reserve soldiers begins and not before December 3, 2023.
  • “Soft landing back in class” – a two-week organizational program before the opening of the academic year to make the return to routine as easy as possible, including gap bridging.
  • A special package of academic exemptions for students serving in the reserves, which will be granted by the Undergraduate and the Graduate Schools.
  • Emotional support and guidance counseling.
  • Special financial assistance for reserve soldier students and their families (in addition to deferring tuition payments and continuation of fellowships for graduate degrees).

Reserve Soldiers –

To receive the grant, please fill out the form at the following link (Hebrew) and attach the draft order and proof of actual reserve duty days.

For further details or questions, please contact Dr. Janna Shainsky, Office Head for the Dean of Students, by email at