Supporting the Children

During these trying times, the Technion Youth Program Centre joins the effort to bring light into the lives of children from Israel’s evacuated border towns

In the beginning of last week, the Technion Youth Program Centre held a meeting with children evacuated from Bror Hayil, Sderot and Shlomi, who are now staying at the Dan Panorama hotel in Haifa.

For several hours, the children explored mechanical engineering subjects, built systems, learned about controls, and programmed robots. Focusing on the activity, the teamwork, solving problems and learning offered the children a support envelope in these difficult days.









Arielle, a tenth grader, and Amit, an eighth grader, said they truly enjoyed the activity. Other pupils spoke to the instructors about the great experience, and how interesting the content was.

Saying goodbye to the children, we left them a mind game and a book of challenging riddles, gifts from the Youth Program Centre.

Technion Youth Program Centre is proud of the privilege to intrigue, fascinate, embrace and give strength to Israel’s children, now and always.

Together, we shall overcome.