Challah Engineering

Members of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering rolled up their sleeves, quite literally, and set to baking 140 challahs for reserve servicemen, most of them – from the faculty.

Faculty dean Prof. Sima Yaron joined graduate students and staff in the work. The challahs were baked in the faculty’s semi-industrial facility, and taken to the multiple bases by volunteer faculty workers, in their private cars. Paintings and letters from the workers’ children were attached to each letter.

“The ray of light that gives us strength in those trying times is the way the Israeli people, on the front and in the rear, stand together and help each other,” says Prof. Yaron. “Since the Black Saturday, the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering is trying to do its part for the soldiers, and for the residents of the affected towns. Yesterday we came together, all of us, students, faculty, and staff, and used the ovens that we normally use to study the process of baking, to bake challahs that were sent with a lot of love to reservists around the country. Some of the challahs were sent to faculty students who have been called up. We wish them all, together with all the soldiers, and of course the hostages held in Gaza, a swift and safe return.”