Formula Technion 10th Anniversary

Formula Technion student project is celebrating its 10th anniversary, unveiling its first autonomous electric vehicle, to compete in Formula Student competitions in Europe

The Formula Technion team has recently unveiled the 2023 race car, an autonomous electric vehicle, the first of its kind to be constructed in the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. The new car, unveiled at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering project fair, will compete this summer in Spain, Portugal, and Croatia.

Formula Technion 2023 team, with the new race car

Formula Technion 2023 team, with the new race car

70 students from multiple faculties took part in the planning and construction of the vehicle. These include the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, the Henry and Marilyn Taub Faculty of Computer Science, the Andrew and Erna Viterbi Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the Faculty of Physics, the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering. The team is headed by Majd Jaraysi, a Bachelor’s student at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, who’s been part of the team for four years running.

The new race car is a rear-wheel drive vehicle, with a single engine providing 81 hp. It weighs 260 kg, can reach 120 kph, and accelerates from 0 to 100 kph in 3.1 seconds.

The 1st autonomous electric vehicle developed at the Technion

The 1st autonomous electric vehicle developed at the Technion

The Formula Technion project was established in 2012 in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. From its first year, the team was winning prestigious prizes in European competitions. One of the vehicles constructed over the years was recognized as the lightest car in the world.

In addition to designing and constructing the race car, this year the development team started work on a rolling chassis made from composite materials, aiming to replace the current chassis, reduce weight and improve torsion resistance. The students believe this will be the first step in a new stage of research and development on the project.

This summer, the Formula Technion team raced at Formula Student Portugal and got 3rd place in Autonomous track and 6th in Electric track out of roughly 1000 universities participating.

Formula Technion Team – Summer 2023

They likewise placed 2nd in Formula Student Spain (static track) for their Business Plan presentation.

Formula Technion across the years