ERC Grants to 4 Researchers

From basic research to scientific and medical applications: Technion researchers win advanced grants from the European Research Commission

Four researchers have won ERC Proof of Concept (PoC) Grants from the European Research Council (ERC). The prestigious grants, which amount to 150,000 euros per researcher, are aimed at maximizing the value of excellent research by exploring the potential of academic research for future commercialization of innovative applications. They are awarded only to past winners of ERC grants.

Associate Professor Asya Rolls will receive a grant for her study of “targeted insula stimulations as treatment for autoimmune disorders.”

פרופ' אסיה רולס

Assistant Professor Shai Berlin will receive a grant for his work on “MAGNIFICO-Pre-commercialization of multifunctional targeted MRI-contrast enhancing agents for brain research” – materials that will improve the quality of brain scans.

ד"ר שי ברלין

Professor Yuval Shaked will receive a grant for his work on “the development of a predictive biomarker for immunotherapy outcome based on flow cytometry test.”

פרופ' יובל שקד

Associate Professor Yoav Shechtman will receive the grant for his work on “diffractive optical element fabrication based on 3D printing.”

פרופ' יואב שכטמן