2022 President’s Report

Entitled "Catalyzing the Future of our Planet," the Technion's 2022 President's Report is jampacked with stories on sustainability, digital learning, industry collaborations, and more

“The Technion is at a key juncture. We are in the process of making profound systemic changes to keep pace with today’s world and remain a global leader in science and technology 5, 10 and 20 years from now,” Technion President Prof. Uri Sivan writes in a special message featured in the Technion’s 2022 President’s Report. “We have proactively started implementing a strategic plan to support new modes of teaching, educating and learning across all faculties.”

Prof. Sivan goes on to write about other aspects of the plan. “The Technion’s strategic plan focuses on three key pillars: sustainability, human health, and digital industry. We are prioritizing these broad fields throughout the university, in our research initiatives, in our classrooms, and in our partnerships with industry and government. Since safeguarding the environment is increasingly vital for our collective future, the Technion devotes dozens of research projects in many faculties to developing innovations in fields such as ‘green’ architecture, catalysis, sustainable energy, water purification and environmentally friendly technologies.

Prof. Uri Sivan, President of the Technion 

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