25th Worldwide in AI Research

Global Ranking of AI Research: Technion, the only Israeli representative on the list, is ranked in 25th place

According to AI Research Rankings, published at the beginning of December, Technion is ranked in 25th place on the list of the world’s academic institutions leading the field of artificial intelligence research.

Technion was ranked #29 on a more comprehensive list that included large corporations in addition to universities. On that list, which includes Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and IBM, Technion is ranked before Amazon, University of Pennsylvania, University of Seoul and Johns Hopkins University. Furthermore, Technion is the only Israeli institution (including both academic and non-academic institutions) ranked in the top 40 leading institutions in AI research worldwide. 

Israel also earned a place of honor in the new rankings: it is ranked in 2nd place in the per capita publication index, with the U.S. being the only country surpassing Israel in the number of AI research publications per capita.

In recent years, Technion has increased its investment in the field of artificial intelligence – in terms of both funding and human capital. In October 2018, an AI Center was established on campus in partnership with Intel, headed by Prof. Shie Mannor of the Viterbi Faculty of Electrical Engineering. 

The AI Research Rankings are based on 2,200 publications at the two most prestigious AI research conferences held in 2019: Neural Information Processing Systems and International Conference on Machine Learning.