• European Researchers' Night 2015

    European Researchers’ Night 2015

    European Researchers’ Night 2015 at the Technion: Neuroscience 21/9/2015 The European Researchers’ Night will take place at the Technion on Monday evening, September 21, 2015, between 5pm-10pm. This year’s topic – Neuroscience – will ...

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  • shave2

    Shana Tova & Happy Jewish New Year from Israel

    Technion-Israel Institute of Technology has the touch to get you ready for the New Year – a robot picks a pomegranate from the tree in the Seven Species Garden outside the CEAR lab in the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and his fri...

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  • TLfeatured

    Sign up to Technion Live

    Get the latest news, views and events directly to your inbox by subscribing to the Technion’s periodic e-newsletter Technion Live. In this edition: solutions revolution, Youtube hits, Technion in Tel aviv and much more. ...

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  • 11954698_10152955686302330_1004879099306382961_n

    X-UP & T-Factor Technology Accelerators Cooperation

    Cooperation agreement between the accelerators of École Polytechnique and the Technion signed on the occasion of Minister Macron’s State visit to Israel L’X and the Technion have signed an agreement to further promote the cooperation between École Poly...

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  • Untitled-1

    Chameleon Mysteries

    Chameleons’ swivelling eyes not as independent as once thought Chameleons’ eyes track independently, but both lock-on prey for attack HAIFA, ISRAEL and NEW YORK (Aug. 20, 2015) – Well known among nature’s best tricksters for their ability to change col...

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  • הטכניון

    World Academic Rankings

    2015 Shanghai Rankings: Technion consolidates its standing among the world’s elite universities Technion ranks #77 overall, 18th in computer science and 44th in engineering Technion-Israel Ins...

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  • (From right to left): Michal Burstein, Omer Arad and Nir Ben-Haroe

    Social Networking for Volunteers

    Help is on the way: Technion students developed “Enoshi” – a social volunteering platform connecting volunteers to those in need Students from the Faculty of Computer Science at the Technion developed an innovative social volunteering platform that aid...

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  • Israeli students at the competition (from right to left): Roni Arenzon, Ron Solan, Nadav Genossar and Itai Zvieli

    Chemistry Olympiad Medals

    Israeli delegation brings home three bronze medals from the International Chemistry Olympiad. Students prepared at the Technion. A great source of Israeli pride – three of the four members of the Israeli team won bronze medals at the 47th International...

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  • פרופסור משנה אכרם עליאן מהפקולטה לביולוגיה בטכניון

    New Strategy for HIV

    In light of the limitations of existing drugs for AIDS: Researchers at the Technion Faculty of Biology offer a new strategy to combat the HIV-1 virus The AIDS epidemic continues to take the lives of millions around the world. Despite the resistance of...

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  • Ilya Glantz and Tzafrir Ozer, the students who won first prize

    Student Biomedical Innovation

    Technion students have developed an innovative method for the accurate release of colon imaging pills Ilya Glants and Tsafrir Ozer are the first prize winners in the Project Competition held by the Technion Faculty of Biomedical Engineering. The prize ...

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  • Technology made in Israel: enjoy the T3 2015 Profile

    Technion Ranked 31st in US for Patents

    Technion ranked 31st in the world in the U.S. Academy of Inventors index The Technion received approval for 65 patents in the U.S. in 2014, the most of any Israeli university. The rankings list of the National Academy of Inventors, founded in the U.S. ...

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  • News-Archive-231x125 copy


    Browse the online archives of press releases from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology for the past five years ...

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