• nono113

    And Then There Was Nano

    The Shrine of the Book Celebrates 50 Years with Renewed Exhibition Space, Special Displays And Then There Was Nano features The Smallest Bible in the World from the Technion Concurrent exhibition dedicated to Shrine’s iconic architecture Two special d...

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  • shoa2

    A Journey Unlike Any Other

    Learning from the past to safeguard our future: 32 Technion students travel to Poland as part of the International March of the Living program organized through the National Union of Israeli Students “The journey to Poland is as important as any other...

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  • Innovative gastric cancer-detection technology

    New technology for early detection of stomach cancer

    The innovative method, developed at the Technion, identifies persons at risk for developing stomach cancer and for detecting tumors at an earlier stage. The prestigious journal Gut, which published the research, notes that the detection method is quick...

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  • 800px-Carcinoma_microcellulare_oatcell_carcinoma_or_anaplastic_carcinoma_(lung)H&E_magn_200x

    Sun Pharma and Technion to Develop New Class of Oncology Drugs

    Sun Pharma and the Technion form Research Collaboration to Develop New Class of Oncology Drugs Mumbai, India: April 15, 2015 – Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (Reuters: SUN.BO, Bloomberg: SUNP IN, NSE: SUNPHARMA, BSE: 524715) and the Technion – Isra...

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  • che

    Breakthrough in Cancer Research

    The ubiquitin system produces a protein that greatly restricts the development of cancerous tumors. A new study by researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology could hold one key to control cancer cell growth and development. In a paper p...

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  • pomegranetfeatures

    Pomegranate & Dates for Life

    Glorious, red pomegranates and their Middle Eastern sister, luscious toffee-like dates, are delicious, increasingly trendy, and healthy to boot. As it turns out, when consumed together they are a winning combination in the war against heart disease. Ju...

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  • תיאור אמנותי של ההתנגשות בין 'טיה' לכדור הארץ, שהובילה להיווצרות הירח. מקור: חגי פרץ. ביצירת התמונה נעשה שימוש בתמונות מארגוני החלל האירופיים והאמריקאים (ESA, NASA).

    The Origins of the Moon

    The moon is thought to have formed from the debris of a small planet that collided with the Earth. Since the composition of other planets in the Solar system differs from that of the Earth, it was expected that the moon composition would also differ fr...

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  • TLfeatured

    Sign up to Technion Live

    Get the latest news, views and events directly to your inbox by subscribing to the Technion’s periodic e-newsletter Technion Live. In this edition: solutions revolution, Youtube hits, Technion in Tel aviv and much more. ...

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    Browse the online archives of press releases from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology for the past five years ...

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