• madma2

    Technion & Microsoft: the Internet of Things

    Technion and Microsoft launch Internet of Things joint venture, which simulates a startup work environment Among the first developments: Smartphone control using hand gestures during driving; a guide application for the visually impaired; a musical glo...

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  • Transmission electron microscope (TEM) image of a star-shaped nanoparticle source: NIST, Wikicommons

    Exposure to nanoparticles may threaten heart health

    Technion-Israel Institute of Technology research shows for first time inhaled nanoparticles of silicon dioxide increase risk of atherosclerosis; laboratory, manufacturing workers may be at greatest risk. Nanoparticles, extremely tiny particles measured...

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  • rud

    The future is just around the corner

    3-D Printing Technology has opened new possibilities for theoretician, Asst. Prof. Stephan Rudykh, to test his theoretical models of active material properties Imagine yourself boarding a futuristic morphing airplane made of materials that can repair t...

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  • ara1

    Following the Arava Oil Spill: Technion Students in Action

    Following the Arava Oil Spill: A group of Technion students to assist in the restoration efforts of the Arava by treating contaminated soil by biological means (bacteria)  A group of Technion students travelled to the site of the Arava oil spill in ord...

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  • מימין לשמאל: ד"ר דן קופרמן מהמרכז לחינוך לרובוטיקה וטכנולוגיה דיגיטלית בטכניון  והתלמידים מור פיקמן, דור שטרית, רותם גל ונבו כהן

    Robot Making Miracles: A New Way to Celebrate Hanukkah

    A Hanukkah special: High-Schoolers from Ort Bialik programmed a robotic trio at the Technion to perform traditional Hanukkah customs: serving doughnuts, pouring oil and lighting candles on the candelabra. At the Technion’s Center for Robotics and Digit...

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  • harv

    2014 Harvey Prize

    Technion Announces Winners of the 2014 Harvey Prize: James P. Allison and Reinhard Genzel The 2014 Harvey Prize will be awarded to prominent cancer researcher, Prof. James P. Allison, and leading astrophysicist Prof. Reinhard Genzel. About 20% of Harve...

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  • TLfeatured

    Sign up to Technion Live

    Get the latest news, views and events directly to your inbox by subscribing to the Technion’s periodic e-newsletter Technion Live. In this edition: solutions revolution, Youtube hits, Technion in Tel aviv and much more. ...

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  • itai3

    Animal Evolution Mystery Solved

    Breakthrough Solves Centuries-Old Animal Evolution Mystery Discovery could also lead to a better understanding of cancer Most animal embryos contain three layers of cells that transform into every part of the body—from brains to bones to guts. Since th...

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  • cart1

    A Shopping Cart that Follows You

    Autonomous Tracking Shopping Cart – Shopping Made Easy from Technion Technion-Israel Institute of Technology students have made an autonomous tracking shopping cart using a computer vision algorithm they developed. By using a 3D kinect sensor, 3D...

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  • פרופסור פרץ לביא ומר ביל פנס

    AOL at Technion

    America Online (AOL) to Invest $5M in a Technion Research Project, Conducted Jointly by JTCI and AOL Relegence Israel; AOL Executives from the US and Israel Visited the Technion Last Week. AOL, the American Internet and media company, announced last we...

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  • 6

    Exemplary Scientists

    The Ministry of Education Presents the Future Science League: Scientist that have Broken New Ground The Ministry of Education rolled out a campaign to encourage students to study sciences. On the promotional banner 11 female Israeli scientists were fea...

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  • markel2

    Healing Melanoma

    The 2014 Ziegler award was bestowed upon Dr. Gal Markel for developing an innovative treatment for melanoma. Dr. Gal Markel, 35, was presented with the 2014 Ziegler award, o...

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  • gershoni

    Illuminating Light

    The Landau Prize for the Sciences and Research to be Awarded to Technion Professor David Gershoni, for his Research Contributions Leading to the Production of Entangled Photons Prof. David Gershoni, from the Department of Physics at the Technion, will ...

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  • unnamed (1)

    The Second Aliyah

    Technion celebrates the inception of classes for its second cohort of the Russian Freshman Year Program.* Graduates of the first cohort successfully integrated into regular T...

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  • נשיא הטכניון פרופסור פרץ לביא ולצדו (יושבים) דיקן לימודי הסמכה-פרופסור יכין כהן, דיקן הסטודנטים-פרופסור מוריס אייזן ויו"ר אגודת הסטודנטים-דני מגנר

    2014-15 Welcoming the New Academic Year

    2,185 new students began their studies at Technion this week. They will be enjoying a unique learning experience as well as an upgraded and extended network of Technion City dorms. “Continued cuts in higher education poses a real threat to Israel...

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  • RWfeatured

    Technion Alumnus has his day on Wall Street as ReWalk Stock Soars

    (Sept. 17, 2014) A contingent of “ReWalkers” led by Technion graduate Dr. Amit Goffer, stopped traffic in New York’s Times Square today as photographers rushed to capture the jubilation surrounding the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Read The Full Story!

  • News-Archive-231x125 copy


    Browse the online archives of press releases from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology for the past five years ...

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  • aviram2

    The biological clock of blood lipids

      Pilot study of circadian rhythm changes in human serum lipids and oxidative stress: effects of Pomegranate extract (POMx), Simvastatin, and Metformin therapies in hypercholesterolemic and diabetic patients vs. healthy subjects The Lipid Research Labo...

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