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    New Avenues for Alzeheimer’s Cure

    Technion breakthrough opens new avenues for Alzheimer’s cure HAIFA, ISRAEL and NEW YORK (July 10, 2014) – Alzheimer’s disease affects approximately 5.2 million people in the United States alone, and it is the nation’s sixth leading cause of death.  A c...

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  • story1-1

    Iron Dome, developed by Technion graduates

    Iron Dome, developed by Technion graduates, again defends Israel. Read more.   ...

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    Color sorting in the retina by natural optical fibers

    An interdisciplinary research group from the Technion revealed for the first time the optical role of glial cells in the retina for the improvement of vision. Until today, the retina was known for its conversion of light into electric signals as well a...

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  • avital2

    Rat Model Application for Dog Training

    Assistant Professor Avi Avital is taming rats to detect explosives and construct animal models as a working platform for the treatment of diseases such as schizophrenia. Assistant Professor Avi Avital from the Technion’s Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, ...

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  • aviram2

    The biological clock of blood lipids

      Pilot study of circadian rhythm changes in human serum lipids and oxidative stress: effects of Pomegranate extract (POMx), Simvastatin, and Metformin therapies in hypercholesterolemic and diabetic patients vs. healthy subjects The Lipid Research Labo...

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  • leshanski

    The World’s Smallest Propeller

    Technion and German Researchers Successfully Develop the World’s Smallest Propeller that may be able to Move within the Human Body In the future, it will enable the development of a drug delivery system capable of penetrating the cell with the aid of ...

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  • ehud

    Eating Disorder of a Black Hole

    Technion researchers are part of an international team of scientists who discovered a swiftly moving gas streamer eclipsing a supermassive black hole An international team of astronomers, including Prof. Ehud Behar and Dr. Shai Kaspi from the Technion’...

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  • tb

    Technobrain 2014: Screwdriver Power

    Ishai Zimerman and his son-in-law Ronen Atzili are the 2014 Technobrain first prize winners for building a device that successfully climbed up a steep cable at a high speed while being powered by an electric screwdriver. They will be awarded a 10,000 N...

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  • shoham1

    Test Tube Brain Tissue

    Technion Scientists Develop ‘Test Tube Brain Tissue’ that Provides a 3-D View of Neural Activity The new ‘Optonet’ cultures could enable a better understanding of complex activity within neural networks Neural cells grown on laboratory plat...

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    Google Glass & TCE

    Professor Peyman Milanfar from the University of California Santa Cruz, at the Technion Conference: To improve the quality of digital photography in small cameras it will be necessary to take a number of pictures and merge them together into one good i...

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  • התלמידות במעבדת תכן וייצור. צילום: שיצו שירותי צילום, דוברות הטכניון

    Robotics & Digital Content

    PTC signed an agreement with the Technion to establish a center for robotics and digital content The agreement includes the option to expand the cooperation in the future to include the Technion institutions in the USA and China The scope of the inves...

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  • glikman

    Proteasomes and oxidative stress

    Mechanism that Expels Damaged Proteins “Takes a Break” Under Stress Proteasomes temporarily stop working until oxidative stress dissipates Researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have discovered that the proteasome – the “biological...

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  • sapiro_small

    Image Processing at the Global TCE Conference

    According to Professor Guillermo Sapiro, a Global Expert on Image Processing and the Lead Speaker at the Technion Computer Engineering (TCE) Conference to be held at the Technion: “The field of image processing is opening doors to many other new global...

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  • jabarin

    Outstanding Arab Students

    Within eight years: Student dropout rates have significantly decreased among the Arab population at the Technion – only 12% in comparison with 73%. The Technion has Launched a New Program for Outstanding Arab Students – a First of its Kind in Israel ...

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