• gadi11

    Energy Guzzlers & Computers

    Technion Scientists: Computers and the communication systems are identified as largest Energy Guzzlers By 2030 half of the US electricity production may be used up to support computers and communication infrastructures. Already now, 8% of the total ene...

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  • beni11

    Protein Structure for Cell-Cell Fusion

    After of a Decade of Research Scientists from the Technion and the Pasteur Institute in France Solved for the First Time the Structure of a Protein Responsible for Cell-Cell Fusion The discoveries were made in a model system of a tiny roundworm, and wi...

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  • TLfeatured

    Sign up to Technion Live

    Get the latest news, views and events directly to your inbox by subscribing to the Technion’s periodic e-newsletter Technion Live. In this edition: solutions revolution, Youtube hits, Technion in Tel aviv and much more. ...

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  • cyber

    Cyber Attacks- Technion Seminar Day

    The Solution to Solving Security Vulnerabilities in all Devices and Protocols – Educating Developers Not to Release a Product until Thoroughly Tested The solution to solving security vulnerabilities in all devices and protocols lies in the proper educa...

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  • shulamit

    Blood vessel transplant success

    Technion Scientists have succeeded for the First Time in Transplanting Engineered Tissue Bearing Major Blood Vessel to Repair Severe Abdominal Muscle Injury Till now scientists have only successfully transplanted engineered muscle tissue bearing small ...

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  • birex1

    Medicine of the Future: British-Israeli Conference at the Technion

    Medicine of the Future: British-Israeli Conference at the Technion The Technion hosts the second BIRAX conference, focusing on collaborative research in regenerative medicine and stem cells This morning the second BIRAX Regenerative Medicine Conferenc...

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  • bio_site

    Israel’s Top Center for Structural Biology

    A $4 Million Investment: Technion established the most advanced Center for Structural Biology in the country The Lorry I. Lokey Interdisciplinary Center for Life Sciences and Engineering, together with the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute at the...

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  • waterloo1

    Technion & University of Waterloo Partnership

    Waterloo, Technion partner to advance research, commercialization WATERLOO, Ont. (Tuesday, March 18, 2014) – Two of the world’s top innovation universities hope to accelerate breakthroughs in research and commercialization with a new agreement signed d...

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  • seal1

    Successful results for Sealantis

    Sealantis Announces Successful Results of First Clinical Trial Results advance the launch of Seal-V™ in Europe March 6th, Haifa, Israel – Sealantis Ltd. has announced positive results from its first clinical trial that tested the safety and perfo...

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