Dramatic progress for quantum computing

Dramatic progress for quantum computing

Quantum innovation from the laboratory of Professor David Gershoni from the Technion Faculty of Physics. Read more in Ha'aretz

Shimon Peres ז”ל

Shimon Peres ז”ל

The Technion community grieves the passing of Shimon Peres, 9th President of the State of Israel.

Energy From the Field

Energy From the Field

Using a simple membrane extract from spinach leaves, Technion researchers have developed a bio-photo-electro-chemical (BPEC) cell that produces electricity and hydrogen from water using sunlight.

  • spinach

    Popeye was right: there’s energy in spinach!

    Interdisciplinary discovery at Technion: a cell that uses sunlight to produce electricity and hydrogen from spinach leaf extract Using a simple membrane extract from spinach leaves, researchers from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have deve...

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  • קצף

    To Foam or not to Foam

    We are all familiar with the phenomenon of foam associated with waves at sea. The waves break and insert air into the water, and the bubbles that are formed rise to the surface and create foam. If, however, we observe a stormy lake or a wave pool, we w...

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  • רכב הפורמולה 2016 של הטכניון

    Technion Formula in Top 10

    Technion’s Formula Student Team Finishes in The Top Ten in European Competitions The team won 8th place out of 42 universities in the Formula competition in the Czech Republic, which took place on a wet course Technion’s fourth Student Formula team fin...

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  • gc-624x372

    Technion International Enters 5th Year

    Technion’s international program enters its fifth year Graduation ceremony held for graduates in Civil and Environmental Engineering 14/08/2016 The fourth class of Technion’s international BSc program in Civil and Environmental Engineering graduated o...

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  • nature

    Technion Ranked 26th on Nature Index

    Technion is the only Israeli representative on Nature Index 2016 Rising Stars list Ranked 26th in the world in the list of 2016 Rising Stars, following a 40% increase in the Technion’s publications in leading scientific journals The Technion is in 26th...

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  • houg;;i

    Technion Ranked Top in Israel. 69th Worldwide

    Shanghai Ranking 2016 establishes Technion’s place among top global academic institutions   The Shanghai Ranking placed Technion 69th in the index of the world’s leading academic institutions, the top position for any Israeli institute Technion ...

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  • הסטודנטית לינה מדלג' מסבירה על הפרויקט

    Smart Prayer Room

    Students at the Technion have developed a system that informs the user whether the Faculty prayer room is occupied or vacant and whether the worshipers are men or women. It does this with the aid of sensors alone, and without using a camera, which coul...

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  • פרופ' נעם אדיר

    Lethal Sequences

    A study from the lab of Prof. Noam Adir of the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology: natural evolutionary processes prevent the presence of dangerous and potentially lethal molecular interactions by avoiding the pr...

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  • פרופ'-משנה אסיה רולס

    Brain Power

    Researchers at the Technion Faculty of Medicine have uncovered a potential course of action of the placebo effect. The study, published in the journal Nature Medicine, indicates the effect of positive expectations on the immune system For the first tim...

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  • רובוט לניתוח מוח זעיר-פולשני

    Pathway to the Brain

    Researchers from the Technion and Rambam Health Care Campus have won Best Innovation Prize in an international competition. Their project: a dedicated robot for minimally invasive neurosurgery. Researchers from the Technion and Rambam Health Care Campu...

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  • נציגי חברת מזור רובוטיקה, קרדיט צילום: © Nasdaq 2016

    Ringing the Bell at NASDAQ

    Representatives of Mazor Robotics Ltd, which was born in Prof. Moshe Shoham’s lab and the Technion incubator, attend the Closing Bell Ceremony at NASDAQ Representatives of Mazor Robotics, founded at the Technion in 2001 through the tech transfer unit <...

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  • ד"ר באז אולדרין

    Watch: Buzz Aldrin Lecture at Technion Israel

    Each year, the International Space University honors the memory of one of its greatest supporters, Dr. Gerald Soffen, with a lecture featuring a prominent visionary in the space sector. Few are more visionary than ISU’s Chancellor and Apollo 11 m...

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  • ISU

    A Selfie From Space

    Participants in the International Space University’s 29th Space Studies Program (SSP), currently being held at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, posed for a group photo from space yesterday (July 20th). The photo, taken from a height of 520 k...

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  • 27666575642_9e37e3cd04_k

    Measuring oceans of activity in one drop of water

    Technion scientists measure and record thermal motion in a water droplet; new kind of medical sensor may result According to scientists from Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, measuring a water droplet with a resolution comparable with the scale ...

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  • פרופ' ארז ריבק במעבדתו

    Telescopes Beyond the Diffraction Limit

    New Technique Could Improve Angular Resolution of Telescopes Beyond the Diffraction Limit The angular resolution of any optical imaging system, from cameras and microscopes to telescopes, is fundamentally constrained by diffraction, the bending of ligh...

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  • פרופ' איתן קימל (מימין) ופרופ' שי שהם

    Ultrasound for Brain Stimulation

    A Technion study reveals a mechanism for accurate and individualized control of brain activity using ultrasonic waves: ultrasound’s waveform pattern dramatically affects interaction with neurons, and consequently, certain ultrasound patterns will...

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  • Technology made in Israel: enjoy the T3 2015 Profile

    Technion Ranked 31st in US for Patents

    Technion ranked 31st in the world in the U.S. Academy of Inventors index The Technion received approval for 65 patents in the U.S. in 2014, the most of any Israeli university. The rankings list of the National Academy of Inventors, founded in the U.S. ...

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    Browse the online archives of press releases from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology for the past five years ...

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