Technion Excels Globally in Machine Learning

Technion Ranks in the Top 30 at the Thirty-Seventh International Conference on Machine Learning

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology was the only Israeli institution among the top 30 leading institutions on the ranking of the ICML International Conference on Machine Learning this year. The ICML is the most important conference in the world in the field of computational learning. Competing digitally this summer, universities and companies were ranked according to the number of articles accepted at the conference.

The prestigious list of 30 is led by Google, followed by a significant margin by MIT. The Technion is ranked in the middle of the list – at 15th place, ahead of hi-tech giants such as Amazon and IBM, and ahead of universities such as Cornell and Georgia Tech.

An additional  ranking of the leading countries was also published, according to the number of articles contributed out of 1,088 articles received at the conference. The list is led by the United States; followed by a significant margin by Britain and China, with Israel ranked 8th – ahead of Japan, Singapore, India and others. Israel contributed 42 articles, with the majority (23) coming from the Technion.  

According to Prof. Irad Yavneh, former Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Director General of the Samuel Neaman Institute (SNI) at the Technion, “Israel plays an important role in machine learning, and ICML conference data provide quantitative evidence of this fact. At the Technion, it is very important for us to continue to develop knowledge in this vital field, and to that end, we encourage interdisciplinary and inter-departmental research.”

The Technion articles accepted for the conference were written by multidisciplinary researchers from the Center for Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems. The Technion has been consistently ranked as one of the best universities in the world in the field of machine learning, as reflected through other platforms such as the csrankings.