A Winning Formula

In the coming weeks, the Technion Formula team will compete in two European competitions

The new Technion Formula car was unveiled in advance of two prestigious competitions in Europe, where it will compete against the top ten Student Formula teams from around the world. The Technion team will compete with Formula cars built with the support of leading car companies including BMW, Audi and Porsche, among others. Nevertheless, the team members believe in their ability to record significant achievements in both competitions, which will take place in Germany and Austria. Last year Technion Formula was ranked 82nd (out of 600 teams) worldwide.

This is the fifth year that Team Technion has participated in Student Formula competitions. The new Formula car is a dramatic upgrade of the Technion Formula car that competed in Europe last year. Among other things, the pneumatic transmission system was replaced with an electric transmission system, the weight of the car was reduced from 255 kg to 175 kg and the engine was replaced by a single-cylinder KTM engine. An active suspension system based on accelerometers was installed in the new car.

The Technion Formula car was developed as part of the “New Product Design Project” course led by Dr. Hagai Bamberger under the guidance of Prof. Reuven Katz, Head of the Design, Manufacturing and CAD track at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. This year, around 50 students from 7 different faculties are participating in the project. At the unveiling last week, certificates of merit were awarded to the following student team members – Alain Altari, Or Amsterdam, Yael Haslavsky, Omer Cohen, Tal Lifshitz and Tom Mazor.