Higher View Exhibition of Jerusalem

Higher View, an exhibition on the subject of Jerusalem by Prof. Ezri Tarazi from Technion Israel, will soon open in London. The exhibition, which has been displayed at the Tower of David Museum (2015) and the Milan Triennale in Italy (2016), expresses various aspects of Jerusalem’s history, culture and politics through a series of tables.

Prof. Ezri Tarazi

Prof. Tarazi, born in 1962, heads the Graduate Program in Industrial Design at the Technion Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning. He spent many years teaching at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, where he founded the Master’s Program in Industrial Design. In 2005, he founded the d-Vision post-academic program for the Keter Group, and was a member of the Council for Higher Education (CHE) for 10 years.

The Higher View exhibition consists of a series of separate tables, each of which expresses different aspects related to Jerusalem. The table in the picture expresses the geopolitical situation in the divided city of Jerusalem, and the table itself opens into two parts in order to illustrate the “injury” caused by the division of the city.  The sections placed on the table, which actually form the table itself, were collected in the Old City and cut into sections. Another table in the exhibition presents a dystopia in which the archeological excavations in the city become an end in itself, and Jerusalem becomes an empty crater symbolizing a city that has been emptied of all its assets. Another table makes it possible to produce music by placing glasses at street intersections, with each intersection activating a different musical instrument.

The exhibition will open at the Jewish Community Center in London (JW3) on June 5, 2017.