The Visas Crisis has been Solved, and 120 Outstanding Students from India and China Arrive to Technion

44They will take part in the Science-Engineering Summer Course supported by the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Council for Higher Education

One-hundred and twenty outstanding students from leading universities in China and India started their summer course at Technion this week. The Science-Engineering Summer Course program, run by the Technion International School, will expose students to a range of fields, including electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, mathematic and aerospace engineering.

In addition to their studies at Technion, the students will also tour Israel’s major tourist sites, dabble in entrepreneurship, visit at Israeli high-tech companies, take a history course on Israel and the Middle East, learn about Israeli culture, and meet with Israeli writers and opinion leaders.

“I welcome the arrival of the students to Technion and the start of the Summer Course,” said Ariel Geva, Managing Director of the Technion International School. “The delay in the issuance of visas for the students was caused by employee sanctions at the Foreign Ministry last month,” he explains. “The Technion administration made great efforts with the various ministries to make possible the arrival of the students to Technion. I am confident that the students will enjoy their time in Israel and will serve as good-will ambassadors of the university and Israel in their home countries.”

Professor Anat Rafaeli, the Deputy Head of the International School and Deputy SVP for International Academic Relations at Technion, added, “The Summer Courseis an excellent opportunity for us to meet excellent students from India and China, and appeal to their interest in wanting to pursue advanced studies at Technion.

The students arrived to Israel with the support from the PBC (Planning & Budgeting Committee of the Council for Higher Education), which provided them with scholarships aimed at strengthening the connection between Israel and their home countries. In total, 210 students from China and India came to Israel to study at Israeli universities as part of this unique summer program.

Above: The students with the israeli author Eshkol Nevo. Photograph by Moran Maayan, Technion Spokesperson