Sustainable Engineering – Technion

Newly Created UNESCO Chair at Technion for Sustainable Engineering
Date: 13/06/2012
Prof. Mark Talesnick of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering is the incumbent of the newly established UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Engineering in Developing Communities.The specific objectives of this Chair are to develop undergraduate and graduate teaching programs in engineering for developing communities, in cooperation with partners;  carry out research on engineering for developing communities and disseminate results widely;  design, test and apply, jointly with partners, ground-level projects to test and further refine the concept of sustainable engineering; and,  provide short-term theoretical and practical training, as well as facilitate visiting professorships.

Talesnick reports that the University of Colorado and Kathmandu Universities are also involved and that he will be travelling to Ghana, Ethiopia and Batswana soon to enlist their collaboration as well.

Talesnick also spearheads Engineers Without Borders – Technion (EWB).

Currently, 739 UNESCO Chairs and 70 UNITWIN Networks in 134 countries provide an innovative modality for international academic cooperation. They act as think-tanks and bridge- builders between research and policy-making, and between academia, civil society, local communities and the productive sector.