Technion Honors, 2012, Centennial Events.

Among the International Board of Governors June events in this cornerstone centennial year are dedications of new facilities, prizes for research and academic excellence, book launches celebrating Technion’s contributions to Israel and the world, and honorary awards to public figures.

Honorary Doctors
Prof. Srulek Cederbaum, Germany
Prof. François Diederich, Switzerland
Gary Goldberg, Canada
Itzhak Nissan, Israel
Dr Eli Opper, Israel
Joan Seidel, USA
Prof. Günter Spur, Germany
Moshe Yanai, Israel
Honorary Fellows
Drora Avissar, Israel
Jeffery Cosiol, USA
Ruth E. Flinkman-Marandy, USA
Raphael Mishan, USA
Prof. Gerd-Volker Röschenthaler, Germany
Maurice Shashoua, Brazil
Senator Paul B. Steinberg, USA
The Honourable Laura Wolfson Townsley, UK

Prof. Lorenz (Srulek) Cederbaum
In recognition of your many significant contributions to molecular sciences, in particular for your contributions to the understanding of the quantum mechanical foundations of structure and dynamics of molecules, and for the discovery of the ICD (Intermolecular or Interatomic Coulombic Decay) phenomenon, which has emerged to be a highlight in chemical and physical science; and for your many years of support for and cooperation with the Technion.

Prof. François Diederich, Switzerland

In tribute to your outstanding scientific achievements and your important fundamental contributions to the fields of organic chemistry, advanced materials and chemical biology; in recognition of your outstanding leadership in the international scientific community; and in gratitude for your friendship and support of the scientific community in Israel and the Technion in particular.

Gary Goldberg, Canada

In recognition of your selfless commitment to social and communal responsibility, your charitable pursuits for the benefit of your community, and in particular your efforts on behalf of the Technion and the State of Israel; in gratitude for the transformative influence that you have had on the Canadian Technion Society; and the effective visionary leadership you have demonstrated.

Itzhak Nissan, Israel

For your contribution to the security of Israel in your many roles in the defense industries; for your contribution to the Israel Aerospace Industries, which you have helped lead to unprecedented achievements, making it a leader in aviation, space, electronics, science and security; and for your role in establishing a fruitful collaboration between Technion and Israel Aerospace Industries, which serves as a model of cooperation between industry and academia.

For your contributions to the promotion of research and development in the State of Israel in your capacity as chief scientist of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor and chairman of EUREKA, the leading industrial R&D program in Europe; for your part in laying the foundations for the development of advanced technologies in general, and the advancement of the State of Israel and the Technion in the field of nanotechnology in particular, efforts that resulted in the establishment of six research centers, including the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute at Technion; and for your leadership and vision – a role model for Technion alumni. 

Joan Seidel, USA

With admiration and gratitude for your many years of devoted and skillful leadership at the helm of the American Technion Society; in tribute to your inspiring and infectious enthusiasm, which helps expand our circle of supporters; and in appreciation for the valuable professional expertise you bring to your involvement.

Prof. Gunter Spur, Germany  

In recognition of your outstanding scientific achievements through significant contributions to manufacturing systems and processes, and machine tools technology; for educating generations of leaders in mechanical engineering; for your continuous and dedicated support of the Technion and promotion of its cooperation with German universities; and for your unveiling the contributions of Jewish scientists in Berlin prior to World War II.

Moshe Yanai, Israel 

In recognition of your pioneering technological leadership in revolutionizing computer storage systems and advancing this industry, both globally and in Israel; in tribute to your being an iconic “high-tech sabra” and an inspiring role model for Technion students and alumni; and in gratitude for your friendship and support of the Technion and your unique contribution to the quality of teaching by establishing the Yanai Awards for Excellence in Education.