Technion Advancement



Professor Alon Wolf
Vice President for External Relations and Resource Development (VPERRD)

Office of the VP





Communication and External Relations

Resource Development

Hospitality and Events

Unit Head
Gil Lainer

Unit Head
Leah Kotin

Unit Head
Zohar Nathanson

Connects Technion with strategic stakeholders such as alumni, government agencies, media, and the public, in Israel and the world. It includes the spokesperson’s office, the marketing team and the strategic communications department. The Unit produces content for local and international media, including press releases, campaigns, videos, digital and print media, in order to advance the Technion global brand. Focuses on securing the resources necessary for the Technion to carry out its mission. It does so by providing project proposals and long-term donor stewardship. Strategic fostering of relationships with Technion societies around the world, individual donors, foundations, and other organizations results in goodwill and philanthropic engagement. The unit supports the division’s goals by producing events and visits according to Technion’s spirit of innovation and excellence.
The Visitors Center hosts a wide variety of visits including Academic, Business and Official delegations as well as tourist from all over the world.
The department of Ceremonies and Events plans and carries out academic ceremonies and special events. The department also produces donor related ceremonies and inaugurations as well as well as plaques, to recognize the generosity of individuals who have been associated with the Technion over the years.
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